Ubisoft becomes first major traditional gaming business to embrace NFTs

by: Dynasty GI2021-12-08
The global gaming business Ubisoft has announced the launch of Ubisoft Quartz, a new platform that will allow gamers to acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) playable in a major game.
The NFTs, known as Digits, will be rolled out as part of a limited edition beta version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, available on Ubisoft Connect for Windows PC.
The Digits will form part of Ubisoft’s offer of what are known as cosmetic items – vehicles, weapons and equipment players can buy as part of their gaming sessions – with the NFTs designed to create unique and collectible pieces of Ubisoft game worlds.

In a release, the game maker said this large-scale experiment is part of Ubisoft’s four-year exploration of Blockchain technology. ‘Our long-term efforts led us to understand how Blockchain’s decentralised approach could genuinely make players stakeholders of our games, in a way that is also sustainable for our industry’, said Nicolas Pouard, Vice-President of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab.

In addition to only being available on the Windows PC version to begin with, Ubisoft Quartz will also limit the service to adult players who reach a certain level in the game. It is being rolled out first in the US, Canada, Australia, a few European countries and Brazil. For the experiment, Ubisoft will be using the Tezos Blockchain, chosen in part due to what Ubisoft believes is a more energy efficient offer compared to bitcoin.

There has been growing interest in mixing NFTs with gaming given the success of some Blockchain-native products such as Axie Affinity. However, not all major gaming platforms have embraced the concept, with the owners of the game distribution platform Steam banning NFTs from its games back in October.
"The video game sector has been a driver of innovation and user interaction over the past few decades and Blockchain technology can take the sector to a new level, allowing them to further expand what is, according to some estimates, an industry already worth around half a trillion US dollars."
Said the founder and CEO of Dynasty Global Investments AG, Eduardo Carvalho.


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