About Us

Dynasty Global Investments AG is a worldwide company born in the Crypto Valley.


4 Regions Covered
15 Countries Mapped
1200 Targeted Assets
US$ 18.0B Assets Target Volume
Our Mission
Change the game through Blockchain

New generations are showing us that traditional invesment models must be rethought. We will revolutionize the Real Estate market, by delivering a token accessible to all.

Due to its features and reference to real estate assets, our token will have less speculation and more utility than other tokens of its kind can offer.

Our company

Pleasure, we are Dynasty Global Investment AG.

The company was founded in 2016 and established in the Crypto Valley in Switzerland, the most important blockchain ecosystem in the world. With a global focus, Dynasty Global aims to revolutionize legacy and crypto financial markets by combining real estate and crypto. Dynasty Global will unite the virtual and real worlds, and will enable investment and transactions to flow freely through borders through its ERC-20 Token, the D¥NS. Welcome to the future!

Leadership Team

Founder Eduardo Carvalho
Eduardo Carvalho
Founder Fabio Asdurian
Fabio Asdurian
Co-CEO & Real Estate
Henrique Mukai
Henrique Mukai
Sales General Manager
Nádia Lamounier
Nádia Lamounier
Executive Assistant
Swiss Team Herbet Sterchi
Herbet Sterchi
Director Operations
Swiss Team Sabrina Wollenschläger
Sabrina Wollenschläger
Swiss Team Christian Vogel
Christian Vogel
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