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The D¥N

The D¥N token is a cryptocurrency with reference in the real estate market. Inspired by Switzerland's Crypto Valley, the new and exclusive cryptocurrency token, D¥N is designed to bring together the benefits of the crypto and real estate worlds. The decentralized platform aims to become a globally accepted transactional payment token with credibility and liquidity support, as well as being designed to accommodate a wide range of transactions within the D¥N ecosystem.

The Real Estate Market is one of the most solid and confident in the world, so why not use this stability to our advantage? Dynasty's real estate reference is imprinted on ownership of real estate assets around the world.

We are merging our global expertise in Real Estate and Blockchain technology with D¥N. The payment token is designed to accommodate a wide range of transactions within the ecosystem. It allows holders to (i): convert their money to and from D¥N tokens - using the full security and convenience of blockchain technology, providing token holders with an alternative to storing and transacting tokens; and (ii) use D¥N tokens for payments with trading partners that are part of the ecosystem.

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OUR FIRST acquisition

We own the third floor of the Seculum II Building, on Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima in São Paulo – the largest financial center in Latin America. In addition, we are looking for acquisitions in places like New York, London, Dubai, Seoul and Singapore.


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