Rare NFT art sells for record US$ 10.2 million

by: Dynasty GI2021-12-14
A rare CryptoPunk NFT has just been bought on the Larva Lab’s CryptoPunk marketplace for 2,500 ETH, a new record at US$ 10.2 million. The artwork is the Punk number 4156, one of 24 rare Ape Punks out of a collection of 10,000 items.
Although not the absolute record in sales, as a Punk was sold at Sotheby’s auction house in June this year for US$ 11.8 million, this is the highest price reached on sales via the native CryptoPunk marketplace.

The latest multimillion sale adds to the interest and growth in NFT art transactions, with dedicated services and platforms being created to buy and sell the tokens. For commentators, it is not a surprise that such CryptoPunks are reaching high prices in the market as owners of rare NFTs are reluctant to sell them.
"The prices some NFTs are attracting are staggering and it is difficult to tell whether this will be sustained over time. But, as explained by the head of the Blockchain Association in the US, NFTs are quickly becoming an easier route for people to understand how Blockchain technology works and how effective it can be in keeping and tracing assets being bought and sold around the world."
Commented Eduardo Carvalho, the founder and CEO of Dynasty Global Investments AG.


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