Poly Network attacker begins returning stolen haul

by: Dynasty GI2021-08-15
The hacker responsible for the US$ 611 million Poly Network attack has started returning the crypto assets stolen. The move follows reports that the attacker’s identity was obtained by a specialist Blockchain security company.
The refund came barely a day after the initial attack, which was the largest DeFi hack to date. Stolen assets include millions of dollars of Ethereum and Binance Smart tokens as well as USDC stablecoins.

In a matter of hours, Blockchain security specialists Slowmist claimed to have identified the hacker and the attacker initiated coded exchanges with the Poly Network to return the stolen tokens.
"“It is always worrying to see crypto systems hacked and tokens stolen but it is also very encouraging to see how quickly and efficiently Blockchain security experts have acted to expose the attacker, helping boost trust in blockchain technology”, said Dynasty Global Investments AG’s co-founder and CEO, Eduardo Carvalho."


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