First US Bitcoin ETF launch and the consequences for D¥NS

by: Dynasty GI2021-10-20
Last Tuesday (19), the first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) of Bitcoin (BTC) in the USA was officially listed, an historical landmark to the Crypto World.
The ETF called “ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF”, whose negotiation code will be BITO, offers a new way of buying bitcoins from the stock market. ETFs are basically investment funds; they buy and store one or a thousand assets and, after that, they sell them just like any other stock. Finally, those stocks can be traded in the public market by anyone.
The biggest advantage in the officialization of this mechanism is the way it democratizes and demystifies the incorrect concepts people have about the digital financial system. With lower taxes than funds, the ETFs achieve more liquidity and also please more investors because they are under the regulation of the financial market. They work as a gateway to smaller investors who are still afraid of buying crypto assets directly and, at the same time, they give tranquility to the institutional investors to enter the market as well.
"Just like Bitcoin is directly struck by the ETF creation, the other cryptos also gain some sort of prestige. In fact, this news is a great opportunity for those skeptical investors to connect themselves to solid projects in the crypto world, for example, the D¥NS."
The cryptocurrency from Dynasty Global Investments AG combines the disruptive technology from Ethereum blockchain with the tradition of the real estate market through its reference given by real estate assets. To rely upon a business sector so stable like real estate is ideal to calm down conservative clients because it brings more security to the negotiations of the digital financial market.


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