Execs moving to crypto from other areas: Trend also reaches Brazil

by: Dynasty GI2021-06-02
What’s already happening in major global financial markets, with senior executives migrating to businesses specialised in cryptocurrencies, has now reached Brazil. An example is the move by Mr. Marcos Jarne from Nubank to lead Bitso, a Mexican cryptocurrency exchange.
The willingness from executives like Macos Jarne to be part of the crypto market is a sign of the changes cryptocurrencies are making in global economy.
Bitso is Mexico’s largest exchange, with global presence and offices in Brazil and Argentina. Speaking on Portal Bitcoin, Mr. Jarne said he was extremely comfortable with the move: “I have always been a blockchain technology enthusiast; it was also something that interested me already and I was getting ever closer to it”.
"“This kind of migration to the crypto sector will become more and more common, as transactions involving cryptocurrencies grow, the values being traded go up and the cryptocurrencies’ reach also expands. But this migration will impact other areas too, not just the financial sector”, says Fabio Asdurian, co-founder and partner at Dynasty Global Investments AG."
Mr. Asdurian and Dynasty’s CEO, Eduardo Carvalho, are themselves an example of this trend: Mr. Asdurian operated for many years in the retail sector, with footwear and sport accessory shops, and Mr. Carvalho came to the cryptocurrency world from the high value real estate sector, dedicated to ultra-high income individuals.


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