D¥NS cryptocurrency will have its first "buy-back and burn" on Sept. 30

by: Dynasty GI2021-09-29
The first planned buy-back and burn process for the innovative D¥NS cryptocurrency will go ahead today, September 30, putting into practice the benefits developed by the currency’s creator, Dynasty Global Investments AG.
The D¥NS cryptocurrency is uniquely tied to the high-end real estate market, with revenue generated from the sale of D¥NS invested in Triple A commercial properties in major cities around the world. The buy-back and burn is funded with rental income from the properties in Dynasty’s portfolio.
The operation, set to be initiated in Dubai, means Dynasty will reacquire D¥NS tokens currently in circulation in the secondary market and destroy them forever. The principle is similar to what happens to the Ethereum cryptocurrency, but Dynasty is the only company in the world to link this procedure with real estate assets.

The first property bought by Dynasty is in Latin America’s financial and economic capital, São Paulo, for nearly US$ 5.5 million earlier this year. With the income generated from leasing the properties, Dynasty will now buy the tokens back to be destroyed forever with the aim to create scarcity, which may contribute to enhancing the value of the currency. The first buy-back will use just over US$ 31,000 generated from the lease of the property in São Paulo, Latin America’s thriving business and financial centre.

“This is an important moment for us, as we embark on putting into practice one of our cryptocurrency’s unique features, linked to its reference to real estate assets”, says Dynasty Global Investments AG co-founder and CEO, Eduardo Carvalho.
""This is a small step to further consolidate our concept, which will grow as we acquire more real estate assets around the world. We are currently actively identifying and engaging in negotiations to acquire additional properties in major centres, like here in Dubai and in Europe", added Mr. Carvalho."
The first buy-back and burn will be initiated from Dubai as Eduardo Carvalho visits the city’s financial quarters for meetings with regional investors, attends a major family office event, identifies prospective real estate assets to acquire and develops plans to open a Dynasty Global Investments AG Dubai office to best engage with the Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

Created in 2019, the D¥NS were first sold to private investors worldwide before having a first tranche released in July of this year, through cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe and Asia, such as ExMarkets. There will be a total of 21 million tokens sold through private and public offers over the next few years, with no more D¥NS to be generated. As more properties are added to Dynasty’s portfolio, lease revenues will be used to continue with the buy-back and burn process.


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