Cryptos to be accepted at electric car charging stations

by: Dynasty GI2021-07-01
HIPS, a payment solutions provider, and Vourity, a Swedish company specialised in unattended services like EV stations, have announced plans to allow 50,000 charging points to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.
Electric car charging points in Europe will take crypto payments
The rollout may take three years to happen, and it is not clear yet which cryptocurrencies the system will accept as, according to Vourity’s CEO, Hans Nottehed, “we are currently evaluating what cryptos/coins we will support. It will be converted to fiat”.
"“The announcement, bringing together clean energy cars and cryptos, is a welcome move and should help tackle some of the environmental concerns raised over the mining of cryptos that led to the recent decision by Elon Musk to stop accepting bitcoin as payment for his Tesla cars”, stated Dynasty Global Investments AG’s Chief marketing officer, Lucas Costa."


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