Brazil gains first NFT games-based investment fund

by: Dynasty GI2021-10-12
Brazil’s investment specialist Vitreo has announced the launch of the country’s first NFT and gamecoins-based investment fund. The aim is to make it easier for local residents to invest in the growing NFT world.
NFTs – or Non-Fungible Tokens – are crypto assets that represent an intangible digital item like images, videos or game items. The owners of NFTs are recorded on Blockchain, which allows for an NFT to be traded as a stand-in for the digital asset it represents.

NFTs have become particularly popular since earlier this year, with sales volumes registering new records. In June, sales volumes on OpenSea, a major NFT marketplace, reached a record high.
"“If NFTs will prove to be a fad or not, nobody knows, but as the first business to be 100% capitalised in cryptocurrencies, we support a bigger presence of digital assets in Brazil’s economy to help power up growth and increase choice for investors”, observed Dynasty Global Investments AG’s founder and CEO, Eduardo Carvalho."


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